Brick Wall -- William Jamieson, born 1772 in Glasgow, Scotland

William is in the centre of the diagram below...

Willaim Jamieson Tree

What can I prove?

William was born on 5 January 1772. This extract from the Old Parish Register of Gorbals..

Willaim Jamieson Tree

(William Jamieson, Weaver in Gorbals, had a son brought forward by his wife Janet Wright upon 5th January. Baptised upon 7th ditto named William Jamieson)

So we know Williams parents were William Jamieson and Janet Wright.

It strikes me as odd that they would have only one child. It was common to have several and typically one or two would not survive.

There are no further children of William and Janet on the Parish records. We must bear in mind that prior to 1855 there was no legal requirement to register births, deaths and marriages so it could simply be that nothing was registered. However that seems odd as they went to the trouble of having one child baptised (meaning they were Church of Scotland attendees).

Moving onto the marriage of William and Janet -- again there is no records of this. It does say they were indeed married when it refers to “his wife”. It is of course entirely possible that they were married outside Scotland, possibly coming from Ireland. However a search of marriages for a Janet Wright around the time shows one entry....

Willaim Jamieson Tree

(John Jamieson, weaver in Pollockshaws, and Janet Wright married in Glasgow)

This on the 19th July 1768 in Glasgow -- Was it possible that there was another Janet Wright who married a Jamieson in the mid-1700’s? When you consider the population of the area was only 3000 in 1750 it seems unlikely. So are William Jamieson and John Jamieson one in the same person?

Janet and John certainly went on to have several children, although all in the Renfrew area. It makes it less likely therefore that William and John are the same person.

It is possible we will never know -- putting aside the poor records kept in the 1700’s there is also the issue of spelling and transcription. Most people could neither read nor write, so when registering an event in the Parish it was left to the church to determine how to spell the names of people.