About my journey

I started this project in 1996 and very quickly hit a brick wall with the data. I knew very little of my family history beyond what my immediate family could remember. My main clue simply that the family came from Strathaven, Lanarkshire. That is where my quest began all those years ago; a visit to the Strathaven Registrars office to ascertain facts about the marriage of my great grandfather, his wife and children. A few hours later I was armed with the details but I could not go further back as no one knew where my great grandfathers was born, or where his parents married.

Fast forward some twelve years, my paper records had laid dormant in a folder untouched but never forgotten. I then decided to pick up the challis again and start the quest. Much has happened in those ensuing years, not least the explosion of the internet. I now discover that every Birth, Marriage and Death for Scotland is available online. I am hooked.......the result is this website and my ever growing tree.

What started as a look at the ’Jamieson’ name has spawned a tree with so many other names. All these are listed on the Surname page in the 'Tree' menu at the top.

Note -- To protect the privacy of those who are still living, their entires in the tree are restricted. The ‘public’ tree contains all information I have on those who are deceased. If you wish access to the complete family tree showing all those who are still living please contact me, however this part of the tree is open to family only.