Biography - Thomas Stewart Jamieson (b 1836, d 1908)

Thomas Stewart Jamieson was born on 7 December 1836 in Springburn, Glasgow, the first of 5 children of Hugh Jamieson and Mary Stewart. By profession he was a Mattress Maker.

He married Agnes Tulloch, born in Perth, in Glasgow in 1864 and they went on to have eight children. During his marriage he occupies a number of different houses around Glasgow city centre which seems odd for the time period, however he was consistent in his profession. There is also evidence that he lived in Yorkshire for three years at some point during his married life.

Thomas’s death certificate noted that he died in Woodilee Asylum and those records provided me with personal information regarding his later life.

He gave up work when he was 68 years old - no reason was given for this, however one assumes age was catching up on him. It is however stated that he was a fit and healthy man all his life and even at his death he was well fed and clean and tidy.

In early December 1908 he fell and hit his head and the resultant shock immediately render him blind. From this point on he also seems to develop what we would not class as dementia and his decline was very quick. Only six weeks later on 15 January 1990 he is admitted to the Eastern District Hospital and then moved to the Woodilee Asylum on 18 January for assessment.

His admission notes state...."marked loss of memory..helpless and quite stupid! Had a habit of wringing his fingers, has become very childish and easily distracted. He has no memory of recent events, no idea when he came into the hospital or how long he has been here"

On the 15 February his notes show that he "still thinks he is in the workshop and sees his fellow employees. He is very confused"

His last entry in the medical records are for 28 March..."not looked well for a few days".

He died later that day.

His children appeared to have a similar restless spirit as Thomas (given that he moved home so often).

  • The oldest child, Hugh Stewart Jamieson, moved away to England and married Theresa Griffin in Eastbourne in 1896. Following Hugh via the census records show him as a 'visitor' at the Glasgow Central Hotel in 1891. And the 1911 census has his as a 'visitor' at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand, London with his wife. Does this tell us that Hugh lived in hotels? (And clearly more upmarket ones). He certainly was not working in the hotels as he would have been listed as a worker. His profession on the census was 'Electrical Engineer'
  • Thomas’s second son, died 72 years old, unmarried -- unusual for the time.
  • Child number three, Margaret, died aged 29 - a spinster.
  • Thomas, child number 4, disappears and I can find no further record of him
  • Angus, number five, emigrates to Canada in 1903 and then onto Michigan, USA in 1929. He has four sons by Elizabeth McDonald.
  • Child six, William, emigrates to Canada in 1910.
  • Seventh, Mary, married Andrew Inglis and dies in Glasgow having had four children.
  • The final child, Agnes is born in 1884 and dies a year later.