Biography - David Jamieson (b 1882, d 1905)

David Jamieson was born on the Saturday 4th of February 1882, the sixth and final son of William Jamieson and Helen Robertson.

His life was short, even by the standards of the 1880’s and he died aged just 23 from Tuberculosis. Little is know of his life -- he was a shoe finisher by trade. He married Isabella McIntyre in 1902 and had his only son, David, in 1903.

Life was clearly tough for the young couple and child. At the start of December 1905 he applied to the Parish for poor relief while living at 26 Castle Street, Strathaven. His rent was £3 per year and he was seeking support for his child (David). Clearly at this point he was not able to work and the symptoms of Tuberculosis were dibilitating. On 9 Dec 1905 the Parish inspector visited his wife to assess the case. She said he was dying and had been in Stonehouse Hospital, however they could not keep him in. The Parish granted 7 shillings relief.

On 13 December 1905 the Parish Relief received a letter noting that he had died on 9 December 1905.

His wife, Isabella, was left a widow at the age of 20 with a young child (2 years old).

On 20 March 1906, Isabella applied for poor relief. She listed her residence as 146 Butterbiggens Road, Glasgow and stated she was a widow of David Jamieson and worked as a domestic servant. She had a son, David, aged 2 who was currently being cared for by Mr(s) Daniel Brownlie, The Cross, Strathaven. She was earning 20 shillings per month and 16 of these went to the care of David.

On the 13 April the poor relief committee noted 'no appearance' for their decision so no relief was given. Isabella re-married shortly after this so we can only assume she no longer required poor relief.

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